Welcome and good to see you here!

There is only a few days until we happily disclose our new offerings in Amsterdam.
Our booth for the PLMA is ready designed and currently built. Finished and polished by many busy hands and minds to provide you with an exciting experience and a full bunch of news to ignite your spirit business.

We are keeping our promise:

You have been sent a small sample of one of our many new developments, to give you a sneak preview of what you can expect from your Pabst & Richarz meet at the PLMA.
I hope you had the chance to taste?

We are courious to hear what you felt about the aroma and palate. You may be asking yourself what you did try here:

Based on the huge trend of premium indulgence

WALLENSTEIN  – a truly pure german Vodka from ripe all german wheat and oaked to mature

by offering pure, refined indulgence

WALLENSTEIN is a  Superpremium-Vodka, 3-times destilled in germany in the best russian voska tradition, using german wheat only.
Die elaborate, crafted process result in a higher malt grade
and builds the fundament for the WALLENSTEIN-taste:
authentic – extraordinary – refined.

Matured in old oak barrels under controlled environment conditions,  WALLENSTEIN develops its distinct brigtht-golden color and the mild yet characteristic-smokey oak-note. Extraordinary mild and mellow in the
finish WALLENSTEIN is a rare delight even for the most demanding enthusiasts.

WALLENSTEIN – true, full of characcter, refined – Super-Premium Barrel-Oaked Vodka!

WALLENSTEIN – 100% made and matured in Germany.

And here are the Design cues of Wallenstein

Examplary Design Option

We herewith renew our personal invitation to meet us at the PLMA, in order to share your thoughts on the Wallenstein proposition.
We will be more than happy to present to you a full house of exciting new concepts.
We are positive to drive your spirit business and deilighted to share our unique approach.

Please let me know the day and time we may welcome you at our Pabst & Richarz stand. Just give me a call to schedule the appointment to your needs

I am looking forward to see you.

Joerg Peissker
+49 571 4040-140